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Electroshock weapon

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Effective range:

Short to medium range

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The Taser[1] is a electroshock weapon that was set to appear in Turok. The weapon was ultimately cut from the game for unknown reasons, but the weapon's model can be found within the game's files.


The Taser takes on the appearance of a handheld device, much like the ORO HOG 9mm Handgun. It was small and had a more rounded shape compared to the Handgun.

Since its render was incomplete, the coloration of the weapon remains a complete mystery, as does its company of origin.


This weapon would most likely be ineffective against enemies, likely just giving a small shock to stun them without causing extensive injuries. This weapon would probably be used as a stun device, mainly used for stunning Utahraptors and MG Soldiers alike.

Due to its pistol-like appearance, it likely would have shot either an electric charge round or a metal string with metal spikes that would attach to an enemy, shocking them.

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