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"I am cursed, you see. I have been held prisoner in this land, bound by an ancient oath to a dead god to seek out the Son of Stone."
—Tarkeen, to Tal'Set

Tarkeen is a supporting character in Turok: Evolution. He is also known as the Seer.


Tarkeen appears as a grey-skinned monk donning a red robe. He is around 5 to 6 feet tall and appears to be somewhat frail. He wields a staff; however, it has not been shown to have any powers.


Tarkeen first appears shortly after Tal'Set's arrival in the Lost Land. He is seen hovering over a dying Tal'Set alongside Mayana and Djunn before presumably casting a healing spell on him, muttering "It is not your time to die". He then tells the others to send Tal'Set to him when the warrior awakens.

Chapters 2-3Edit

He is not seen again until the cutscene linking Chapters 2 and 3 together. Here he informs Tal'Set that he must become the "Son of Stone" and that he has no choice but to accept, to which Tal'Set refuses. Tarkeen's protectors, the Six Points, tell him of the Sleg's attack on the River Village, to which Tal'Set demands that Tarkeen stop them. Tarkeen says that he is not in control of who lives and who dies. Tal'Set then damns Tarkeen before leaving.

Chapter 13Edit

Tarkeen is largely absent from the game until Chapter 13. There, he saves Tal'Set from Lord Tyrannus and tells him that "The battle is not yet won" before teleporting out of the war machine.


His last appearance is in the epilogue to the single player campaign of Evolution. He is seen passing the Turok mantle down to Tal'Set, with his final line of dialogue being "Your choice is made. I pray that the path you have chosen, the path of war, will not consume you."

Evolution sequelEdit

It is highly likely that Tarkeen would have appeared again in the sequel to Evolution as his story arc was incomplete in the franchise.

Abilities, Powers, and RankEdit

Tarkeen has some unique powers. He was able to heal the gravely wounded Tal'Set and keep him from dying with a simple flick of his wrist. He is shown to have some rank or authority over the River Villagers as he has the ability to pass the Turok mantle down and is also brought to Tal'Set's aid first and foremost.


  • Tarkeen's robes seem to bear a heavy resemblance to those of the Sleg Monks seen in Chapters 5 and 6.

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