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The Talon is a weapon first appears in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. It is the first weapon the player is equipped with upon beginning the first level, "The Port of Adia." It replaces the Knife from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

It consists of two sharp claws strapped in leather restraints and coupled to the hand.


The Talon is a wrist-mounted weapon. It has a leather strap that wraps around the wrist and has two sharp, claw-like blades at the knuckles. For further grip, there is a handle that the user grasps.

The name Talon comes from the fact that it is designed to look like a bird's talons.


The Talon is Seeds of Evil's answer to the Knife from Dinosaur Hunter. It serves the same purpose, being a close range melee weapon. It is not as useful as the Knife, however, as the Dinosoids are noticeably stronger than the enemies encountered in Dinosaur Hunter.

It can be used to take down Compsognathus in the earlier levels, and sometimes Leapers. It can kill a Raptoid, but it takes quite some effort in order to do so. As a consequence, the player can lose a portion of health if they fight a Raptoid with this weapon.

The Talon is noticeably slower than the Knife, too, as it cannot be swung as fast as the Knife. Overall, the Talon is a weapon only recommended for "The Port of Adia" and when encountering Compies.

The Talon can be upgraded to the War Blade, a stronger equivalent.


  • The Talon is one of four weapons that can be used underwater.
  • Unlike Tal'Set, who was seen in some cutscenes wielding the Knife, Joshua is never seen with this weapon equipped in any cutscene.

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