For the character featured in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok: Evolution, see Tal'Set.
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"The very first Turok, Tal' Set is the greatest champion mankind has ever known. Having saved the Lost Land and mankind more than once, he strikes fear into the hearts of those who do evil."
Turok: Rage Wars website[1]

The first man to take up the mantle of Turok, Tal'Set is the greatest champion mankind has ever known, and the greatest Turok that has ever lived. Having witnessed the death of his wife and child, and the subsequent destruction of most of his tribe, Tal'Set was pulled into the Lost Land through a fissure in the netherscape. When it was made known to him that the fate of mankind rested on his shoulders, Tal'Set was torn between the apathy the death of his people had fueled, and the sense of honor and courage that he had lived by his whole life. Ultimately, honor and courage triumphed. Tal'Set embraced the Mantle and came to be known as "Turok: Son of Stone," the "Valiant One" and the "Fury of Hope." Tal'Set is the veteran of more battles than can be counted and has made the name "Turok" feared by all that is black-hearted and evil.[2]


Tal'Set sports a large, bulky suit with a Native American headdress that may be Saquin in origin.

His suit also sports an assortment of mythical symbols and sigils, possibly to protect him from harm as he is described to be one of the greatest Turoks that has ever lived.


When dealing with Tal'Set, it is important for the player to keep these strategies in mind:

  • Stock up on as much ammunition as possible as the player will run out of ammo when they least expect it.
  • Avoid jumping from the top of the arena to the bottom as it could lead to the player falling out of the map, killing themselves in the process.
  • Try to collect as many Power Cores as possible. Be careful, as Tal'Set can and will use these pills as well.
  • If the player has one of the one-shot-kill weapons like the Inflator or the secondary function of the Flare Gun, lure Tal'Set into the Power Core's corridor and unleash hell. The player will be able to down him with no problem.
  • Use explosives whenever possible.
  • Try to dispose of the bodyguards as soon as possible for the final face off, as they will gang up and corner the player if they leave them alone.
  • Make sure to pick up the health packs before Tal'Set's bodyguards get them, as they will replenish their health back to 100 HP.
  • Tal'Set is capable of using any weapon at random. If the Chest Burster is unlocked, Tal'Set can and will use its one-shot-kill potential.

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  • This character does not have any additional skins.

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