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"These things are from a family of arachnid parasites. Tapping into the mind of their hosts, they take over all functions and steal every last shred of their essence. Vile, creepy, and almost unstoppable, they must eliminate Turok before they can conquer the Lost Land."
Turok: Rage Wars website[1]

The Symbiont are a race of large, highly intelligent Arachnid parasites. Using the bodies of their hosts as vehicles, the Symbiont are able not only to control the physical actions of their host organism, but to tap into their minds and rob them of their collective knowledge, memories, and will. Once the Symbiont has drained the mind of its host, it can create a psychic tether between itself and its host organism. By using this psychic tether, the Symbiont can essentially control the hapless body as if it were its own. The Symbiont remains hidden while its “other” body does its bidding. The Symbiont can push its host body beyond its normal limits, canceling out the effects of pain or injury, and driving onward as if the poor creature were nothing more than a tank or automaton. Should the body that the Symbiont is riding become too damaged to function, the Symbiont will detach itself and scurry after a fresh body to usurp. However, the Symbiont cannot animate a dead body. A Symbiont on its own is nearly helpless and unable to defend itself from all but the least skilled adversaries. The Symbiont wish to destroy Turok so that they may begin assimilating the Lost Land unchallenged.[2]


The Symbionts are not the bipedal beings but the things on their back.

These creatures are parasites which will take over a fully functional body and use it to do their bidding. When the body is too weak, the parasites dispose of it and find a new host. During this time, however, they are vulnerable to almost anything.


When facing the Symbiont:

  • Before the player shoots at anyone, they should stock up on all the ammo they can carry, as they will need all they can get their hands on when they face the Symbionts for the first time.
  • The player should use their weakest weapon to identify the real Symbiont. They can simply shoot at one of them and watch if the energy bar goes down or not. The player should be careful, though; as soon as they shoot one, the Symbionts will regroup and attack the player instantly.
  • The player should not bother with the Power Core as the Symbiont will attack and frag the player while they attempt to climb up the facade.
  • Once the player has identified the real Symbiont, they need to lure it to either the Explosive Rounds corridor or the Energy Rounds corridor. The tight nature of these corridors will make it easy for the player to unleash hell on it, making quick work of this boss.

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  • This character does not have any additional skins.

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