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"Only the most deadly creatures can survive the night."
Turok: Evolution

Swampy Abodes is the fifth map of Turok: Evolution's multiplayer. It takes place during nightfall in a swamp with many buildings set up around the area.


This map is asymmetric. There are many buildings set up around the area, and there is also a swamp to explore and gain weapons from.

The swamp floor itself is very large, as it overtakes the map, barring the obvious shacks. Weapons are located all over the place in this map: on the swamp floor, in the buildings, and on a small ridge which is only accessible via Jump Boots.

This map is very similar to the map "Selkirk Complex." This means that a lot, if not all, of the player's weapon choices will be found in the buildings themselves, while more powerful weapons will be found in the swamp and on the cliffs near the buildings.

This map is a mix of long range combat and close quarters combat so finding the Shotgun and the Pistol would be the best bet in the multiplayer match. Grenades can also be found in this map in many of the buildings. The Rocket Launcher can also be found on this map. It is located in the swamp on a small island next to a tree but it can easily be overlooked in the heat of combat.

Places of InterestEdit

  • The Swamp Island

This is a place of interest since it holds the coveted Rocket Launcher. This location is located far away from the main tents and can easily be overlooked due to the darkness and the small size of the island. This island also has two Rocket Clusters which can be used for easy ammo collection.

  • The Roof

The Tent Roof is a place of interest due to the roof harboring a Flechette Gun. Like the Rocket Launcher having Rocket Clusters next to it, the Flechette Gun has Minigun Rounds right next to it. This place is only accessible via Jump Boots.

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  • This map also has a remade music theme. It is a remake of "Infiltration" from Chapter 4, and it also features a longer run time with added music effects.
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