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Suspended City marines
Turok Evolution Infantry (47)


Military force


The Lost Land


Suspended City

Historical information

Date dissolved:

Upon Suspended City's destruction


The Suspended City marines[1] are members of a military force that was created for the Suspended City's defense.


The Suspended City marines are the protectors of the Suspended City, a city held on the edge of a canyon which the Sleg troops are attempting to cross. They are only seen in ground infantry roles attempting to fight off the Sleg attack. The marines are composed of recruits, presumably human, from the Suspended City.

They wear white and blue armor with a brown uniform underneath. They also wear a white and blue helmet that loosely resembles a motorcycle helmet. They are primarily armed with rifles as well as shotguns; however, they can also wield Tek Weapons.

In GameplayEdit

The Suspended City marines appear in Turok: Evolution during Chapters 8 through 10. They serve to protect the city and its inhabitants from the dangers of the Lost Land. During the Sleg attack on the city, the marines are deployed to stave off the attack. They aid Tal'Set in reaching the Senate Chambers.

They have moderate health pools and can take quite a bit of damage, and their weapons can deal as much damage as the player's own. They typically appear in squads of four to five, and on some occasions, there is one marine who will be invincible and unable to take any damage, be it from enemy or friendly fire.

By the time Tal'Set reaches the Senate, the marines are all but defeated. The last remaining survivors likely perished when the city's tethers were released and it fell into the Great Chasm.

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Notes and referencesEdit

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