Suspended City
Suspended City
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The Lost Land


During the events of Tyrannus' march on Galyanna

Known for:

Sprawling cityscape, massive buildings, and a full population, including a governmental system.

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First featured in:

Turok: Evolution


The Suspended City is a place that only appears in Turok: Evolution in Chapters 8 through 11. The Suspended City is one of the two spots in which the Great Chasm, a canyon of immense size, can be crossed. 

Tal'Set crash lands nearby the city and aids the infantry in defending the city against the Sleg forces.


The Suspended City is a large city hanging from cliffs via many large steel tethers. The city itself is very modern, with many skyscrapers made of metal and concrete. The city serves mostly as a residential and commercial city and is bustling with trade due in part to it being the only safe and reliable way to cross the Chasm.

The city has all the necessary needs of a normal city, including sewer and waste systems, alongside general entertainment locations, such as a large, circular, maze-like library. Interestingly enough, the city also has a museum-like area, which features a large staircase and a large holographic solar system display. Its ultimate purpose is unknown.

The city has its own defense force, as well as a legislative body known as the Senate; consisting of three male members, and one female. The appearance of a separate legislative body may mean that this city is independent from Galyanna.

One member of the Senate was mortally wounded by Sleg soldiers, during the events leading up to the city's fall, and gave the final order to cut the city's tethers, while it's ultimately unknown of what became of the rest of the legislative body.


Tal'Set crashes nearby the Suspended City after destroying the ancient bridge to find that Sleg forces are attempting to capture the city in order to cross the Chasm. Tal'Set breaks through the outer defenses of the city that had been captured by the Slegs and moves deeper into the city. Inside, he moves throughout the streets, helping the remaining troops to fight back the Sleg paratroopers.

Despite pushing back the first wave of paratroopers, Sleg Snipers still wreak havoc on the troops in the streets below. After Tal'Set kills off the snipers he proceeds through the square and into the city's sewer system. Tal'Set uses the sewers to get into the maintenance tunnels of the Great Library. Once there, he goes to the aid of the city's Senate.

The Senators inform Tal'Set that the only way to halt the advance of the Sleg troops is to destroy the city by releasing its tethers, sending it falling into the Chasm. Using the aid of another senator, Tal'Set releases the tethers and boards a pterosaur to escape the city.

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