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"These treacherous canyons are full of enemies. The path is perilous and enemy snipers lie in wait."
Turok: Evolution

Summit Battle is the second level of Chapter 3 of Turok: Evolution. This level focuses on Tal'Set battling Sleg troops and dinosaurs through the summits and canyons of a mountain chain.


This level starts the player out in front of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. While intimidating, the player can take it down in a relatively short amount of time with either two Grenades or multiple Pistol shots. Alternatively, eight smacks from the War Club will down the T. rex. However, avoidance of the creature is impossible, as the Tyrannosaurus' death is what activates the barrier's explosion at the river, which the player needs to occur in order to proceed.

Once past the Tyrannosaurus, the player must heed two Sleg Snipers on the far cliffs, which will take potshots at the player. They can be taken down via two well placed headshots with either the Pistol or the Tek Bow. Explosive Arrows can also be utilized to knock them off the cliffs; however, a player would need to be precise to be sure that the splash damage affects the enemies. Upon moving down the incline, the player will be presented with two Sleg Scouts which can be easily dispatched. The player can search the area, as hidden in the waterfall are Grenades and a Medkit. Ground level contains some Explosive Arrows hidden behind a disk-like piece of cover, and if the player did not obtain it earlier, Pistol ammo resides behind the Brachiosaurus' corpse.

When the player pushes on down the riverbed, the stone barrier at the entrance to the canyon will detonate and will thus spawn two Sleg Scouts and a Grenadier variant. Grenades are not effective in water, and as enemy and player movement is impeded in water, the best strategy would be to use a precision-based weapon to headshot every Sleg adversary in the area. To the right of the watery path will be a small crevice that the player can access. A lone Sleg Sniper will be present and will be easily culled; however, another Scout will be present within his line of sight and will shoot at the player immediately after his ally falls. Once the player dispatches him and moves forward, they will be greeted by the sight of the open canyon. Directly forward will be a large bridge, subject to multiple squads of foes running across it. The player should utilize Explosive Arrows, while targeting the ropes of said bridge, to maximize splash damage, in order to take down multiple enemies with one strike.

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  • The PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube versions of the game have different music cues for the start of the level. The PlayStation 2 version will immediately play the "Summit Battle" theme while the Xbox and GameCube version will play the "Treacherous Canyons" music theme until the T. rex is dead.
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