Distinct Features:

Large nose horn, imposing size, and weapons mounted on its shoulders.



The Styracosaurus is a dinosaur that appears in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and again in Turok: Evolution. It is a ceratopsid and is related to the Triceratops.

It makes its first appearance in Seeds of Evil as a rideable dinosaur in "Slaughter by the River of Souls" and appears in the Suspended City in Turok: Evolution.


This dinosaur greatly resembles the Triceratops seen in "Into the Jungle" albeit with a few differences. For one, this dinosaur is bigger than the Triceratops, and it is also maroon in coloration.

This dinosaur also has one massive horn on its nose in comparison to the three horns of the Triceratops. The Sleg added weaponry also adds two flags to its flanks.


This dinosaur is a terrifying beast. It can outpace the player and quickly destroy them with melee attacks, and it can also withstand an enormous amount of firepower before dying. It is more powerful than the Triceratops and is also more powerful than the feral Tyrannosaurus rex found in "Summit Battle."

Attacks and WeaponsEdit

This dinosaur has a few attacks in its arsenal. These include:

  • Nose Ram/Melee Attack

When the dinosaur attacks in this manner, it will charge the player and attempt to ram them. If the blow connects, the player will have over half of their health drained and will be sent flying backwards and great distance.

  • Minigun Attack

This attack allows the dinosaur to use twin miniguns mounted on its back saddle. These can easily chew through the player's health, and they also fire when the dinosaur is charging, which can make for an instant game over for the player.

List of appearancesEdit

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