Storm Bow
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Long to Mid-range

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To the Subway


The Storm Bow is a weapon that appears in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. It is a high-tech crossbow that is capable of firing without needing a charge, such as with the standard Bow.

It is Joseph Fireseed's upgrade to the Bow.


The Storm Bow is a high-tech crossbow capable of shooting steel arrows without needing a charge first. It sports a dark blue and grey-white color scheme and is completely silent.


The Storm Bow is Joseph's upgrade to his standard Bow and can prove to be a better equivalent for sneak attacks. It can easily take down Forsaken Warriors and Military Guards with a single arrow, and the weapon sports a scope for increased accuracy.

When fired, the arrow flies at great speed and does not require a charge like its non-upgraded counter-part. Thanks to this feature, the player can fire subsequent shots with relative ease. The scope featured on this bow can further increase the stealth capabilities of a player, but one must be wary, as the scope has a limited zoom capability (about two-thirds of the Sniper Rifle's max zoom).

The weapon works great even when used in close combat. It fires at great speed, and (for the most part) is easy to aim. Like the standard Bow, the weapon's arrows can be re-collected and re-used.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon Upgrade: Does NOT restock ammo.
  • Quiver of Arrows: Restocks ammo.


  • This is the first Crossbow-like weapon in the original Turok series to be used outside of a multiplayer mode.

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