Turok Son of Stone - Stegosaurus 001




Mesozoic Era/Jurassic Period


4 meters tall

Distinct Traits:

Large plates on spine, spiked tail.


The Stegosaurus is a dinosaur that appears in Turok: Evolution and were to make an appearance in Turok, but they were removed. They are peaceful herbivores that only attack when they themselves are attacked.


Turok: EvolutionEdit

These dinosaurs appear as massive, bulky quadrupeds in Turok: Evolution. They first appear in "Into the Jungle" and then appear again in "Shadowed Lands." They are green with their plates and spikes being a beige-ish brown color.


These dinosaurs would have looked similar to their Turok: Evolution appearance, being massive, bulky, and having imposing plates on their backs. They would have had a much more muscular appearance in comparison. It is unknown what color they would have been as their renders are uncolored.


These dinosaurs act as harmless NPCs. They wander around the area and will always sit around eating foliage. The player can attack and kill them; however, they will not fight back.

There is one hostile Stegosaurus in "Shadowed Lands." It is encountered shortly before the player climbs the small block to make their way to the Tarkeen Keys of the level.

When approached, it will start flailing its tail and will attempt to crush them with its forelimbs which can easily destroy the player's health. As with the others, it can be killed easily with the player's available weapons. It can also be avoided so as to not waste ammo or lose health.


  • Under constant observation, it is actually possible to witness this dinosaur defecating in the level "Into the Jungle." This is the only known dinosaur in any Turok game that will exhibit this behaviour, other than the scripted Brachiosaurus in "Stretching Your Wings."

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