Spider Mine
Production overview

Weapon Type:

Mine, Gas Bomb, and Luring Device

Ammunition Type:


Ammo Capacity:



Short-Long Range


  • Mine
  • Bomb
  • Luring Device
Service history



First Located:



The Spider Mine is a weapon that makes its appearance in Turok: Evolution. As its name suggests, it is a spider-shaped mine, and it has multiple functions.


This weapon's appearance is that of a gray, four-legged, mechanical spider. It is folded up when Tal'Set is not using it.

When it is equipped and thrown, it unfolds to reveal four appendages that it uses to move. It also has a carrying handle.


The Spider Mine is a very useful tool to survey the area and plan an attack. Like the player, the Spider Mine can jump, move forward, backward, and left/right; however, while the weapon is in use the player is vulnerable to enemy fire. This weapon should only be used when the player is in a secure area, out of enemy sight. It features four functions which are listed in order below:

  • Lure: The first function of the Spider Mine is very useful for stealth kills and surprise attacks. Using the Lure mechanism can clear a way through the level without killing Sleg troops, although the Slegs might stop listening to the Lure if it is overused. It can also be used to lure Slegs into grenade or dinosaur traps set up by the player.
  • Bomb: The Bomb can be used for quick and devastating attacks on large groups of Slegs or even dinosaurs as long as they are not moving. It can be used in conjunction with the Lure mechanism for a devastating combo.
  • Gas: The third function, the Gas attack, is a great crowd killer as the player can easily and silently kill many enemies within a giant green cloud of gas. Once again, using this with the Lure attack is an excellent strategy.
  • Abort: The fourth and final function, the Abort function, returns control back to Tal'Set. The Spider Mine is lost in the process.

Ammo PickupsEdit

Spider Mine: Restocks one Spider Mine, cannot be stacked.

List of appearancesEdit

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