Sniping 10 People In A Round

Medal Type:

Task Medal

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Sniping 10 People In A Round is a task-based medal in Turok: Rage Wars. It is earned when the player frags enemies 10 times using certain weapons in sniping mode.


Stylized crosshairs with a round, shiny metallic rim featuring tribal motif decorations on the four quadrants.

Gameplay StrategiesEdit

Do not be misled by the name of this achievement! The player does not need to perform sniping in the traditional sense of camping at hidden spots and taking out distant enemies with careful shots. In Rage Wars, sniping means simply using the secondary feature of the Tek Crossbow and Plasma Rifle. The player can stand next to the enemy - as long as they deliver the finishing blow with these "sniping" weapons, the kill will count towards this medal.

With that in mind, the player can augment the already powerful but rather slow sniping shots by placing mines, iron claws or radioactive flare traps around frequented corners and waiting for the weakened enemy to show up in their crosshairs. Additionally, if the player happens to get the "Massive Damage" powerup and does not have this medal yet, this would be a good opportunity to take a shot at it.

Set up a round consisting of more than 10 kills. A standard 25-kills-10-minutes round works well, but longer times and a larger number of frags have also been reported to yield the medal.

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