Sniper Rifle
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Sniper Rifle

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High-Caliber Rounds

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The Dam


The Sniper Rifle is a weapon that appears in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. The weapon is a single-shot bolt action rifle. It shares ammo with the Assault Rifle but uses one bullet per shot. The Sniper Rifle is available only to Joseph Fireseed.


This weapon looks much like the average sniper rifle, with a long barrel, a short, blocky stock, and a scope on the top of the gun's body, which can be used by pressing Right on the N64's D-pad.

It is a military green in coloration, with the scope having a brown-ish black color.


The Sniper Rifle is a devastating weapon, being able take down most enemies in one shot. Its only downside is its slow reload time; miss a shot and the enemy will be alerted of the player's presence.

The scope is a very useful attachment for the weapon. It allows the player to zoom in for a better view of the area and will let them take out enemies from afar. It can be used in conjunction with the Night Vision Goggles, which can help the player spot enemies in dark areas, further increasing the effectiveness of the weapon.

Ammo is the least of the player's worries as it shares its ammo with the Assault Rifle, and it only uses one bullet per trigger pull, giving the player a whopping 150 chances for a one-shot kill.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon Upgrade: Does NOT restock ammo.
  • AR Pickup: Restocks 20 bullets.
  • Clip: Restocks 10 bullets
  • Ammo Box: Restocks 20 bullets.


  • Despite the physical scope of the Sniper Rifle being rounded in shape, the scope's interior lens is seemingly rectangular in shape.

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