Lost Valley



Average height:

120 cm

Average weight:

490 lb

Notable groups:

Mammals - Panthera


Men of the Ice Age watched from a cautious distance when Smilodon, the so called "Saber-toothed Tiger," made his kills. Leaping upon huge moose-like deer or even onto the back of a giant Mastodon, Smilodon drove his nine-inch fangs into his victim, rendering them helpless.

Smilodon was not a true tiger. He was very short-tailed. His bones were heavier, his whole body weightier and more powerful than even the largest tiger of today, which weighs about five hundred pounds.

Smilodon's appetite must have been tremendous. Perhaps that is why he became extinct. He may not have been able to find enough food, after the greater grass-eating animals became scarce. Certainly man was not responsible for his disappearance. No weapons in the possessions of human beings at that time could have quickly killed him except by chance, or unless they were poisoned, and not even fast-acting poison could safely stop his terrific charge.

Appearance Edit

Smilodon was around the size of a modern lion or tiger but was more robustly built. It had long canines, a reduced lumbar region, high scapula, short tail, and broad limbs with relatively short feet.

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