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Large, dual-pronged appendages

"Giant crab-like creatures fond of raw sewage. As if that wasn't unpleasant enough, they also have a taste for flesh."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

The Sludge Beast is a type of mutant crab that appears in the sewers during the final level of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.


This creature appears like a slug-crab hybrid showing crustacean and land slug characteristics. Its primary body colors are a deep, sickly green and some brown, which covers its face and parts of its body. They have long large arms with pincers and can be seen holding their claws above their heads quite often. Their eyes are reddish yellow.


Sludge Beasts are encountered in shallow water, and in it they can move at frightening speeds. It is impossible to move freely while fighting the Sludge Beast in water; however, if the player moves onto solid ground, the Sludge Beast cannot follow, and the player can attack or ignore the creature at their leisure. This monster is highly resistant to bullet weaponry, though it is possible to kill one with the Minigun if the player is fine with wasting their entire supply of ammunition. The best method of defeating a Sludge Beast is with energy and explosive weaponry, such as the Pulse Rifle, Alien Weapon, or Tek arrows.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the

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