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Carries either a modified rifle or a shotgun. Two variants include a silver-armored small arms wielder and a gold-armored shotgun wielder.


The Sleg Soldier is a class of Sleg encountered in Turok: Evolution.


Sleg Soldiers are a staple of the Sleg Army. These Slegs are larger and bulkier than the Scout variant.

They possess green scales and wear armor that covers a massive amount of their bodies. It can either be silver or an orange-gold depending on the variant.

They also wear a backpack which seems to contain the pistol bullets and shotgun shells that they use.

Sleg Soldier (Rifle)Edit

These Soldiers are the default variant. They are physically the same as Shotgun-wielding Soldiers; however, they are clad in silver armor instead of gold. They also wield modified rifles, much like the Scouts.

Sleg Soldier (Shotgun)Edit

This variant of Sleg is much like the rifle-wielding Soldier. As stated earlier, they wear gold-colored armor instead of silver-colored armor, and they wield Shotguns. Rarely, though, they can be seen using rifles.


This Sleg type is actually not much different from the Scout. They are less common, but other than that, they act identical to the Scout.

However, they are not weak, and their melee attacks can easily chew through the player's health in only a few swipes. They also wield their weapons with frightening efficiency, able to easily hit Tal'Set with rifle potshots and the spread of their shotguns.

List of AppearancesEdit

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