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The Sleg Sergeant is a variant of Sleg encountered in Turok: Evolution.


These Slegs have a unique appearance. They are taller than Sleg Soldiers, yet shorter than the variants like the Sleg Rapiers. They have brown-ish red skin, and they have bright red body armor, possibly signifying their role as the "pyromaniac" of the Sleg Army.

They have material on their legs that is presumably made of cloth, which offers little protection to the Sergeant. On their back is a gas tank, meant for use with the Sergeant's Flamethrower. Lastly, the Sergeant has a massive pair of knee guards. 


This Sleg is rarely encountered throughout the game and is one of the few that do not have any separate classes based on their weaponry and armor. As such, all Sergeants wield flamethrowers with frightening efficiency.

They will easily rush and close the gap between themselves and the player and spray highly damaging flaming gas over them. This is the only attack besides melee that they can manage; however, this has two weaknesses. One, it leaves the Sergeant immobilized in place, and two, the gas tank is easily visible as the Sergeant stands at a slight angle to the player while firing.

This can be exploited and used to blow the Sergeant up with their own ammunition supply. This strategy can also damage the player, but this can be easily avoided by staying far away from them or knocking them backwards with an explosive weapon and then shooting the gas canisters.

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