Sleg Rapier
SlegRapier Render
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The Lost Land






  • Yellowish with black
  • Orange with black

Eye color:

Black and white



Higher ranking than Sleg Guards

Notable info:

Menacing looking


The Sleg Rapier is a variant of Sleg seen in Turok: Evolution.


This Sleg has a very intimidating appearance compared to other Sleg. It is tall, has a matte black skin color, and its skull shape gives it a more threatening appearance. Its body is host to numerous spikes of bone, and the creature wears a massive shoulder pauldron.

Rapier (Tek Weapon)Edit

The Sleg Rapier's frontal skin color is a bright yellow and its eyes hold a soulless black and white coloration. This variant also has a parachute on its back, meant for paradropping in during the Suspended City missions in Chapters 8-10. They wield the Tek Weapon.

Rapier (Minigun)Edit

These Slegs appear to be much larger than the average Rapier. Their skin is gray instead of yellow, and, additionally, they wear orange armor on their chests. They also wield Miniguns instead of the Tek Weapon.


This Sleg variant is surprisingly rare early in the game, first appearing only a few times in Chapter 5 when the player enters the deeper areas of the Sleg Fortress, and even then, its presence is minimal. However, this makes the threat all the more real to the player. 

When encountered, this Sleg will be wielding either the Tek Weapon—an energy rifle of unknown origin—or a Minigun. These Sleg have an immense health pool and will be very hard to take down with a measly Pistol, so using a Shotgun with the Quad-Shot attachment would be the preferred and most effective strategy for these monsters. Aiming for the head to decapitate them is also a quick, but messy, means of ending their threat.

Use of the Rocket Launcher or the player's own Minigun is also an effective strategy, as the player can turn the Rapiers' own weapons against them for a merciless and quick kill. These Slegs will utilize their melee attacks, though, so getting in really close to them is never a good idea.

The Sleg Rapiers make a more prominent appearance in Chapters 8-10, as they are constantly paradropped into the level. As they are defenceless while in the air, shooting the parachute while they are high in the air will grant an easy, if not amusing, kill.

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