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Sleg Guards are variants of Sleg seen in Turok: Evolution.


These Slegs are the most imposing of all, towering even over Lord Tyrannus himself. They sport massive, hulking armor that is set upon a massive and muscular body frame.

These Slegs have immense muscles, being able to heft Miniguns and Rocket Launchers without hampering their mobility. Their armor can come in black and red, blue-silver and black, and a gold-orange color with black, depending on the variant.

Guard (Shotgun)Edit

This variant possesses a Shotgun and the red and black armor coloration. They are the most common variant, and they make their first appearance in the Sleg Fortress, appearing within the last few portions of the chapter. Rarely, this variant can be seen using a Minigun instead of the standard Shotgun.

Guard (Minigun)Edit

This variant is more upgraded than the Minor, as it possesses the more futuristic blue-silver and black color scheme and a Minigun. They, like the Shotgun Guard, make their first appearance in the Sleg Fortress, in the latter part of the final level before actually entering the massive fortress.

Guard (Rocket Launcher)Edit

No doubt the most imposing and dangerous variant of the Guard. These hulking brutes come clad in golden-orange armor, while brandishing Rocket Launchers which they use with frightening efficiency. They make only rare appearances and get slightly more common later in the game, especially on the Juggernaut; however, they do appear in the Suspended City.


These Slegs are few and far between; however, they are a massive threat and should be dealt with quickly or else the player will be destroyed. When encountered, they do not show a massive amount of intelligence, as seen by how they sling rockets at the player without any skill, or aim, whatsoever.

They have massive quantities of health, so using powerful weaponry will be the player's best strategy for combating the threat. The Plasma Cannon's "Seeker Lens" is a perfect way to deal with these Slegs while keeping a safe distance. Same goes for the Rocket Launcher and its Swarm Bore attachment. It should be noted that these Slegs do possess melee attacks, and they can do catastrophic damage over a short amount of time.

On a final note, these Slegs are nearly impervious to the likes of small arms, such as the Pistol or the War Club. The Tek Bow can do some damage with Explosive Arrows and Poison Arrows (although the efficiency of the latter is greatly reduced). Things like Spider Mines can kill them with ease if used correctly.


  • This Sleg type is the only type that has three tiers of variants. All others hold only one or two types.

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