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The Lost Land


Reactor goes into meltdown during Tal'Set's rescue of the Wise Father

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Massive amounts of Slegs, crates, and weapons.

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Turok: Evolution


The Sleg Fortress is a location that is found in Chapters 4 and 5 of Turok: Evolution. There are multiple sections of this fortress, and this is where Tal'Set came to rescue the Wise Father.

There are also some villagers that Tal'Set rescues near the end of Chapter 4. Every type of Sleg is encountered here.

Areas of the FortressEdit

  • The Outer Wall

The first area of the fortress is an outer wall guarding the entrance to the armory and vehicle garage area. It is lightly guarded, but after the second set of bulkhead doors are opened the amount of guards substantially increases.

  • The Armory and Garage

The next area the player needs to travel through is the garage and armory. After starting the level the player is under the constant threat of being spotted by the Sleg since there is one watch tower in the middle of the area everything. To the right of the spawn point there is a garage with a Jeep and a few APCs.

The back corners of the spawn point are some of the only places from which the player cannot be spotted. After unlocking the gate and heading across the bridge the player will encounter a Sleg Sergeant that holds an access key to the armory.

Inside the armory the player will find a lot of Slegs, but they will also obtain the Flamethrower. If the player goes out onto the wooden planks leading downwards to the left of the bridge entrance they will find more Slegs but also a Dark Matter Cube in the water under an overhang.

  • The Bridge

The third area is a massive bridge in the Sleg compound that spans an entire canyon. This area is guarded by Snipers in the cliffs and guard posts that are periodically placed throughout the map. This bridge is the only way into the main area of the base. It is also guarded by an Ankylosaurus along with a giant mass of Sleg troops.

  • The Prison Blocks and Barracks

After crossing the bridge the player gains access to the main complex of buildings that contain many Sleg warriors and weapon caches. There are all types of Sleg here except for Sergeants and Purrlin. This area is highly defended, and being spotted is a death sentence. Sticking to the shadows and going for stealth kills is a recommended tactic.

In this level the player can rescue the four prisoners that are held in the prison block. The player will need to press a button to the right of their cells to release them. After making it past this area, the player gains access to the main Sleg Fortress.

Inner/Main FortressEdit

  • The Entrance

The entrance to the Sleg Fortress' main complex is guarded by a Sleg Captain with an energy rifle and a platoon of Sleg troops, including Minigun-wielding Sleg Rapiers. After defeating three waves the Captain will come down from his command post, giving the player the opportunity to kill him and open the door leading to the next area.

  • The Halls

The Halls are areas that are deeper in the Sleg Base. They are guarded less heavily than the entrance, but the player will still encounter some resistance. The Halls lead to the lower depths of the base where the Sleg Monks reside.

  • The Depths

These depths are lower areas of the base where the Monks are the main enemies. There are Tarkeen Keys in the area that are used to open doors to the statues that are found here. The statues reveal underwater passages that lead to buttons that open doors to some of the deepest parts of the base.

  • The Catacombs

The Catacombs are a series of massive hallways that are infested with Sleg troops. There are many types of Sleg including Rocket Launcher-wielding Sleg Guards who will try to rain down death upon the player. Sleg Sergeants will also hide around corners and wait for an ambush.

There are buttons hidden throughout the level that, if pushed, will open doors that can lead to anywhere from ammo and weapon caches to enemy-filled rooms that Slegs will pour out of. These hallways are home to swinging axe traps and falling logs that will kill instantly. This area leads to the elevator that goes to the Reactor Room.

  • Reactor Room

This large area houses the Sleg base's reactor. The reactor is powered by six terminals which are located throughout the nearby maze of rooms. There are multiple Sleg troops in this area, and ammo is everywhere. The player needs to disable all six terminals and leave through the exit near the reactor. The reactor is very large and takes up the center of the spawning room. It also has a coolant fan in the back of the facility. This room was presumably obliterated when the reactor core went critical and demolished the base's interior.

  • The War Halls

These hallways are the areas that lead to the information database that contains the War Plans of the Sleg Army. This area is in the process of being demolished by the nearby, newly-critical reactor. Later on the player gets to an area that is riddled with traps and Sleg Sergeants camping around corners, and if they surprise the player just right they can end up pushing them into axe traps and other Sergeants that will kill the player rapidly.

  • The Prison Sector

The prison sector is the area where the Wise Father is being held. This round room is filled with ammunition boxes, and there are six doors on the center column that each lead to a cell. On the outer walls are 6-8 giant doors that hold numerous Sleg troops, including the massive Purrlin.

Killing all of these Sleg will make the Captain advance from his position at the top of the center column and will provoke him into attacking the player. Killing the Sleg Captain will unlock an elevator that leads to the controls that unlock the cell doors. After escaping this room with the Wise Father the player simply backtracks through the undemolished parts of the Sleg Fortress, and the player escapes, leading to a meeting with a long lost enemy.


  • This is the first area in which the player encounters a Purrlin in Evolution.
  • The villagers seen in the Prison Block will not follow the player even if they are alive.
  • The Wise Father is invincible to any damage caused by either the player or the enemies.
  • The last level's cutscene, "Freedom," is the only cutscene in Evolution that has a loading screen before it.

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