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Sleg Assault Tanks
Turok Evolution Vehicles (2)
Technical Information




Assault Tank

Ammo and Weapons Type:

Laser Turret of Unknown Make or Model



Game Info

In-Game Status:

In use


Sleg Assault Tanks are Sleg vehicles that come into play later on in the game. They act as the assault vehicle of the game, and they can appear in both first-person and airbourne missions.


These tanks appear to be, more or less, sheer blocks of metal. They are beige and grey in coloration, have no visible ports or windows, and they feature one large, rotating turret that can attack and harm the player.

They move via treads located on the bottom of the tanks, and they also have something akin to a metal "shield" on the back of the tank.


In gameplay, these tanks are rarely seen until the later chapters, mainly in the city streets, and in the later flying missions. They are offensive units and will not hesitate to attack the player with their small but damaging cannons. Said cannon fires energy rounds, much like the Plasma Cannon.

This can tear through your health with ease, and can also be very hard to dodge, as the rounds travel at very fast speeds. These tanks are mobile; however, they will rarely move, usually staying in a fixed position. This can give the player an edge, as they can hide from the unforgiving cannon and simply peg off the tank with multiple rounds with a weapon of choice.

The weapons that would be most damaging to this vehicle are the Flechette Gun, either upgraded or not, or the Rocket Launcher, as the latter's sheer power can easily rip through the hardened battleplate of the tank; while the former can do the same, it takes a little longer and expends more ammo. However, it saves the player one rocket shot, so the trade off is worth it if the Minigun rounds can be spared.

List of AppearancesEdit

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