Sleg Airship
Turok Evolution Airborne 5



Vehicle type:

Assault and Transport Ship

Ammo/Weapon type:

Cannons and turrets




The Sleg Airship is the first boss of Turok: Evolution and appears throughout Chapter 2, first towards the end of "Mine Fields" before appearing in "Ancient Ruins." After the Airship is destroyed, Tal'Set makes his way to Tarkeen's lair.


This ship appears to be much like a large, armed zeppelin. It is primarily brown in coloration and features multitudes of armor and metal spikes jutting out from its mass. There is a lower "rack" where turrets and Sleg Flyers eject from. The ship is propelled by two engines.

It is unknown how exactly the ship navigates, as it has no elevators or ailerons; however, Large engine like apparatuses can be seen on the back of the ship.


Use rockets to destroy the turrets while shooting the regular cannons at the balloon. If the player needs more rockets, ammunition pickups can be located inside the main temple and on the corners of the map by the ruins guarded by the tank while health is located on the sides of the main temple.

List of appearancesEdit

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