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The Deadkin

"The closest thing to a Boss on the game's first levels, this is a powerful enemy, capable of summoning other enemies with the wave of a hand. Protected by powerful incantations, the Sisters of Despair can destroy Turok with an array of powerful spells."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

The Sisters of Despair are enemies featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Described by the developers as a mini-boss, the Sisters are quite a dangerous enemy to fight.

The Sisters of Despair are featured in "Slaughter by the River of Souls" and are members of the Deadkin, souls of the dead which have been denied a furthering to the next life.


Their appearance is of the top half of an undead, bald witch, with white eyes and two horns on her head. Their skin is a blue shade with some visible runes/sigils. Their skin tone seems to imply that putrefaction is still underway. Their hands no longer feature fingers; instead, they have three claws on each hand. Their breasts are covered with some sort of gold brassiere.


When engaging the Sisters:

  • The Sisters of Despair are exclusive to the graveyards of "Slaughter by the River of Souls," and as such, these places will be devoid of useful ammunition. The player can find some Pistol ammo and Shotgun shell spawns in the arena where they are fought.
  • Before engaging the Sisters, the player must first take care of their bodyguards, the Lords of the Dead. After dispatching all of them, the main graveyard grave will open up, revealing the Sister.
  • She will attack from afar by casting two types of spell: a homing spell and a fire spell.
    • The homing spell will follow the player around the arena, even behind walls. It can be avoided simply by moving as far away from the main grave as possible. This is an excellent opportunity to hit her with the Shotgun.
    • The fire spell is a bit more dangerous as it has unlimited range. If the player gets cornered, the spell will make contact. To avoid this spell, stay behind a wall.
  • She will also summon Deadmen to come to her aid, but sometimes, the Deadmen and the Sister of Despair will end up attacking each other. The player can seize this opportunity to attack her and bring her health down.
  • Lastly, the Sister has a wail attack that can send the player flying and take out a good chunk of health.

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