Silenced Pistol
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Long to Mid-range

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2x Scope

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Rec Room


The Silenced Pistol is a weapon that appears in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. As the name implies, it is an attachment to the standard Pistol. It features a suppressor and a laser sight for increased accuracy.

It is Joseph Fireseed's upgrade for his Pistol.


The Silenced Pistol appears to be the default Pistol with a suppressor attached to the end of its barrel. It is complete with a laser sight attachment beneath the barrel.

Its color scheme matches that of the Pistol.


The Silenced Pistol functions as a stealth weapon for the most part, as this is how Joseph plays.

As far as attacking goes, the weapon works quite well. Its silencer is great for killing enemies without alerting others nearby. The effectiveness is complete with its laser sight, which allows the player to zoom in on targets for further distance. The laser's distance will not go very far, but regardless, this pistol is better to use than its standard counterpart. Its laser function can prove to be a handy tool for those who are trying to avoid alerting more enemies.

The weapon's firing rate remains the same as its standard form, as well as having the same strength. This weapon is all about stealth and less about power.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon Upgrade: Does NOT restock ammo.
  • Pistol: Restocks 20 bullets.
  • Clip: Restocks 10 bullets
  • Ammo Box: Restocks 20 bullets.


  • This is the only silenced weapon to ever appear in the original Turok series.
  • The Silenced Pistol may very well be Joseph's weapon of choice, as he wields the weapon in most cutscenes.

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