Shadowed Lands
Shadowed Lands
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The Lost Land



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Traps, dense foliage, and sprawling temple systems

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Turok: Evolution

"This is an evil place."
—Tal'Set, upon entering the Shadowed Lands

The Shadowed Lands appear in Chapter 6 of Turok: Evolution. This is the only game in which the Shadowed Lands are present. This area is vital because the Shadowed Lands is host to a bridge that the Slegs can use to cross a large river below.


In gameplay the Shadowed Lands are in constant cloud cover by ominous green clouds, and there is a massive amount of foliage.

Littering these lands are also deadly traps, presumably set by the previous civilization that lived there. There are also ruins of buildings everywhere in this chapter. It is presumed that it is either nighttime or evening.



Exclusive to the Shadowed Lands are traps that are set throughout the maps. The presence of these should make players more cautious about their surroundings. One trap is the tri-claw trap. It is a spring loaded trap that snaps forward with its claws whenever the player crosses its path, bringing a swift end to anything caught in it. Utahraptors spring these traps often, and these are usually located around corners.

Another trap is the unpredictable giant rock trap. This is a giant rock that falls from the sky, smashing into the ground and causing damage to whatever it hits, before being pulled back up into the treeline. This trap is quick to damage the player, and as such, the player should avoid standing idly for any extended period. This trap is only seen in the first level of Chapter 6 and vanish later on in the chapter.

Native SpeciesEdit

The Shadowed Lands are home to a number of species both saurian and sapian. Some creatures include:




Various SpeciesEdit

The Utahraptors are very common early on in Chapter 6 though they start to dwindle in presence later on. Pterosaurs are usually seen sitting on the ruins that surround the area, and they are also seen airbourne. Terror birds are common in "Dinosaur Graveyard" and the second level of Chapter 6. Chimpanzees and Baboons are common in nearly every level since this is a jungle area.

Compsognathus are used as traps and are found more early on. Lastly the Slegs are seen very commonly since they are still the main antagonists of the game.

Notable LocationsEdit

There are a few noteworthy locations in the Shadowed Lands. Some range from temple ruins to massive dinosaur graveyards. These include:

  • The Temple Ruins

These ruins are found early on in the form of massive buildings that dominate the landscape of the Shadowed Lands. They are lit by torches, and some are host to deadly traps like the giant claw traps that guard passageways. The most noteworthy temple is the temple found in the first level. It is known as the Temple of the Ancients and is a massive complex that is multiple stories high. It is seen only briefly.

  • The Lake of Plesiosaurs

The second location is a lake found near the end of Chapter 6. It is home to a colony of Plesiosaurus and Sleg Snipers that surround the boxed-in canyon. The objective for this area is to raise the obelisks with the use of Tarkeen Keys that are found all throughout the level. The Plesiosaurs are not a massive threat as long as the player is not standing by the shoreline.

  • The Dinosaur Graveyard

In the penultimate level of Chapter 6 the player comes across a Dinosaur Graveyard. This area is littered with bones and dinosaur carcasses, mostly of Brachiosaurus. The common residents of this level are Terror Birds and Utahraptors. The player is also able to obtain the Plasma Cannon in this level if they did not get it earlier.

  • The Bridge

The Bridge is in the final level of the Shadowed Lands. It is a massive rock bridge that is under siege by Sleg troops while River People valiantly defend it. There are Sleg APCs and River Village weapons located on and around the bridge. There is also a Rocket Launcher in the area. This bridge ends up getting destroyed by Tal'Set who flies away on a Quetzalcoatlus before traveling to the Suspended City.


  • In this chapter the player can observe some different skinned Utahraptors. Some are orange and blue and another has a white backbone with a black underbelly.
  • This is the first chapter in which the player can obtain the Plasma Cannon and some of its upgrades.
  • This chapter has the only hostile Stegosaurus in the game. This dinosaur is at the beginning of the chapter, and if the player walks up to it and shoots it, it will react by swinging its tail while trying to crush the player. Any other herbivores will respond by running away.

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