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"The Blind One Sentinels are the lowest order among their kind. Lacking the sophistication of their Flesh-eater cousins, they fashion crude armor from the bones of animals, turtle shells, and bits of stone, tar, and metal."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

The Sentinel is a type of Blind One. They are the lowest ranking members of their species.


The Blind One Sentinels are muscular humanoid beings of great stature. They have one large eye that does not show any signs of a pupil or iris, only the sclera which has a white tone to it. They do not have a nose but do seem to possess nostrils. Their mouths are covered with sharp teeth which they use to rip the flesh of their victims. Sentinels do not have ears but rather external ear canals. They have one horn that rests on their foreheads just above their eye. Due to their musculature their veins can be seen along their well-shaped abdomens. Their skin color is of a yellow-brown coloration.

Their clothing consists of simple materials such as brown fur pants and skeletal bracelets.


Blind One Sentinels are pure brutes when it comes to direct combat. They are equipped with a massive sword that is made of raw materials. They use this sword to slice their enemies, though they can also throw grenades and are not above bashing their victims with melee attacks. The player can evade both their melee and grenade attacks by strafing. The player must also be mindful when entering caves; it might be difficult to evade grenades and the explosions might alert other nearby enemies to the player's position.

By the time the player encounters these creatures, they will possess a wide range of weapons. It is recommended to use the Mag 60 in direct combat, the Plasma Rifle to snipe them, and the Shredder when confronting them inside tunnels to take the most advantage of the weapon's ricochet properties. Lastly, the Sunfire Pod or Flamethrower are super effective and can be used to great effect while defending the Energy Totem, as they can take out multiple Blind Ones at once.


Centuries of living underground have caused the Sentinels and their kin to lose their eyesight, but in exchange their senses of hearing, smell, and taste became incredibly heightened.

Like their cousins, the Flesh Eaters, they also lust for warm flesh and blood.

The Blind Ones are an incredibly territorial society; they will not let anyone venture into their lair. However, they seem to have established a connection with the Cave Spiders and use them as pets. The Blind Ones share their home with a variety of creatures, such as Nalas, Cave Worms, and Leapers.

It is possible that they have territorial disputes with their neighbors, the Fireborn.

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