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"Is it really safer in the trees, than below them?"
Turok: Evolution

Selkirk Complex is the fourth map in Turok: Evolution's multiplayer. It takes place primarily in a forest with buildings built into the trees.


This map is asymmetric. There are multiple tree houses to explore with bridges and trampolines connecting them to one another. Many weapons and pickups are found in the buildings; however, there are a few powerful weapons on the forest floor. This map also brings in A.I. Utahraptors to try to kill the player. 

This map is unique in the sense that the player's initial spawn point is not on the ground. They start out in a massive tree fort complex. Traveling between them should be easy as they can use the bridges to cross; however, the trampolines can be unpredictable, and they might send the player sailing onto the forest floor. The danger is not from the fall damage, though; it is from the multitudes of Utahraptors hiding in the bushes.

This should not stop the player from going down there, though, because the forest floor also harbors a Rocket Launcher. There are still many weapons in the tree forts to help in the fight, though: the Plasma Cannon is on the middle wooden plateau, and there are many Shotguns and Spider Mines present in the buildings. There are also many armor upgrades like Jump Boots and the Shield Belt in the tree houses.

Places of InterestEdit

  • The Forest Floor

The Forest Floor is a a place of interest mainly due to the presence of the game changing Rocket Launcher.


  • This map features a unique music theme. The theme is a remake of "Hunter's Peril" with added effects and a longer run time.
  • The Utahraptors in this map feature the same attacks and abilities as the ones in the Shadowed Lands. They are able to jump and deal more damage than the regular Utahraptor.
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