Savage People
Heavy guy
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Terraformed planet





Hair color:

Unknown (Shown, but not colored)

Eye color:

Unknown (Shown, but not colored)

Game Info


Mendel-Gruman Corporation (Formerly)


The Savage People were the renegade MG Soldiers that were set to appear in Turok 2.


Savage People still wear pieces of their armor, although it is complemented with various dinosaur bones and hand-made pieces. The Savages would group together in hut villages in swamps and still used certain types of technology, such as flashlights and various guns.


Not much is known about the Savage People other than that they are former Mendel-Gruman soldiers who have abandoned their posts and technology for unknown reasons. It is very possible that many of the soldiers from Turok were stranded after the destruction of the MG base.

The only confirmed information regarding the Savage People is that, according to Chad Smith, they are some sort of "zombie."

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