Saquin Breastplate






Protects against a wide variety of attacks


The Saquin Breastplate is an item worn by most Turoks as protection from physical harm. It is a must-use item for most Turoks if they wish to survive the job.


Crafted out of wood and rawhide, the breastplate was an item blessed by the Saquin Bear spirit when Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin was first deposited in the Lost Land centuries ago.

He used this breastplate to venture deep into dangerous areas of the Lost Land, surviving and eventually escaping back to Earth.


A Turok wears the magical breastplate as a way to minimize damage done to their extremities while protecting their core from most physical damage.

Incoming damage from firearms and most weapons is reduced to simple flinches and minor annoyances.

The user must be careful to not become too overconfident, as it may lead to reckless behavior, killing the user.


  • Given the properties of the breastplate, this could be the reason Tal'Set and Joshua Fireseed are able to withstand hits that would otherwise kill an average human.

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