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Haganih Oceanis

"Thank the heavens for heavy ordnance."
—General Hueyon, 551

Sands of Hueyon is the sixth map in Turok: Evolution's map roster. This map takes place in a boxed canyon during the daytime.


This map is asymmetric. It is also full of massive craters and the wreckage of many vehicles due to an unknown conflict.

Many of these vehicles hold weapons or pickups while also acting as ample cover for multiplayer. There are massive buildings on each end of the map, but they are unable to be entered and used.

This is arguably the most dangerous map in Turok: Evolution. There are multiple weapons accessible from the spawn points, not to mention the vast amounts of ammo, powerups, and even a button which will bring death from the sky in the form of a map-shattering airstrike. There are also multiple trench routes and even a portion of the level that is completely underground to venture around. Most weapons will be found on ground level while much of the weapons ammo will be found in the trenches and underground.

This will force the player to move around everywhere in order to survive. As with other maps, this map contains the dreaded and sought after Rocket Launcher and also features the Flechette Gun. Both sides of the map have monolithic buildings that can be viewed but not entered. The building in the middle of the map has a massive cannon jutting out of the side; however, it has no effect in-game.

Lastly, this map features an on-command airstrike attack. This is attained by traveling to the middle building in the map and walking to a green-barred terminal. Activating this will unleash a barrage of missiles that will impact multiple areas of the map quickly and effectively. This will utterly destroy anything caught in the blast radius.

Places of InterestEdit

  • Airstrike Terminal

This undoubtedly is the most sought after spot on the map. With a simple flick of the switch, the player will unleash a barrage of over half a dozen missiles which will impact in a circular pattern on the map and which will destroy anything caught in the blast.

  • Underground Bunker

This is a place of interest since it holds the Rocker Launcher and multiple Plasma Batteries. It can be accessed via multiple passages located in the trenches and it also has an exit that leads to the aforementioned Airstrike Terminal.


  • This map may be a reference to Halo: Combat Evolved's "Blood Gulch" map. Both take place in a boxed canyon with both sides having a massive base on the ends of their respective side. Both also feature a weapon of mass destruction in the center of the map.
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