Riding Gun
T2 Riding Gun fp
Production overview

Weapon Type:


Ammunition type:


Ammo Capacity:


Range Type:

Long-, Mid-, and Close-range

Secondary Function:

20 mm. Machine Gun

Service history


Army of Araissi

Located In:

Slaughter by the River of Souls


The Riding Gun, also known by the development name Triceratops Artillery, is featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

It consists of two large artillery cannons mounted on the back of a Styracosaurus and a 20 mm. machine gun that fires powerful bullets as fast as the player can pull the trigger.

The Styracosaurus can only be used during the level "Slaughter by the River of Souls."


The Riding Gun is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. It is found immediately when the player is warped to "Slaughter by the River of Souls." The player will be greeted with a blue-grey Styracosaurus in a wooden cage. Once the player approaches the Styracosaurus, they will automatically mount the dinosaur.

The dinosaur moves slow, but it moves faster than the player on foot. The cannons are designed to take out the turrets and cannons operated by the Dinosoids in the first portion of the level. The cannons fire grenades which can obliterate Raptoids and Endtrails alike, and the 20 mm. machine gun can be fired with the cannons simultaneously for effective kills. The player will not have to worry about ammunition, as the weapon's supply is unlimited. Double tapping C-Up or the W key will have the dinosaur perform a deadly charge attack which can send enemies flying dozens of feet into the air.

The player is not invulnerable while on the Styracosaurus. Turrets can still manage to gun down the player, and Dinosoids can attack the player up close. However, if the player has several Dinosoids attempting to attack, it can be quickly resolved by ramming the enemies. The player can use this ram to easily take down Entrails that attempt to attack with their ion gauntlets, as this attack sends the enemies flying and instantly kills them.

Once the player has taken down all turrets and cannons, they will eventually find a second cage with a Save Point and Portal nearby. The Styracosaurus must be discarded to continue and cannot be used in any other level.


  • The player can shoot at the Styracosaurus, and it will not die, though it will bleed. The only weapon that is capable of killing the Styracosaurus is the Nuke. Once the dinosaur is killed, the player must reset the level for it to respawn.
  • Fans and newcomers alike commonly mistake this dinosaur for a Triceratops.

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