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Regnereb Arena
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Turok: Evolution


Mehenneyrih Continentalis

"I do not kill because I enjoy death. I fight to seek it."
—Regnereb, 427

Regnereb Arena is the seventh map in the Turok: Evolution map roster. This map takes place in the Suspended City.


This map is symmetric. This map also may be familiar to players of the single-player campaign. It is a remake of Chapter 8's "Arena" level. It features a large, open area to move around in and this map also features a series of interconnecting bridges that connect the four spires together.

There is a central spire in the middle of the map that holds the Rocket Launcher. All weapons that are found on this map will usually be located on the edges of the map. 

This map is very straight forward in comparison to the others. The player's weapons will be found on the small ridges surrounding the arena, the power weapons will be found on the four spires and lastly, the Rocket Launcher will be found on the central spire.

Most of the fighting will be done on ground level, so using a weapon like a Shotgun or Flechette Gun would be the player's best bet in destroying their enemies. Many of the armor upgrades are found tucked into the nooks and corners of the map and some are even found on unreachable ledges which are only accessible via Jump Boots. This map, unlike the others, only holds a few health packs, and unlike its campaign twin, does not contain a Nuke.

Places of InterestEdit

  • The Center Spire

This area is a place of importance due to the map's resident Rocket Launcher being located here. However, this area is very easy to spot which can lead to some easy deaths due to sheer lack of cover. Quickly grabbing the Launcher and getting out would be a preferable strategy.

  • The Platform

Is the location of a switch that will release raptors that are invincible.


  • This map plays the suitable "Assault" theme that plays constantly during Chapter 8.
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