The Red Drake or Fire Drake is a theropod dinosaur (Dryptosaurus[1]) that features prominently in the 2014 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comic series.

Appearance Edit

Turok Allosaurus

Caged Red Drake from issue 2.

The Red Drake bares a generic theropod body plan, with a horizontally held body, long, thick tail, large head, three fingered forearms, powerful legs and bird-like feet. The animal bares a pale reddish coloration with darker red markings on it's dorsal surface. The animal possesses a fringe of display feathers on the mid-line of the spine, most prominently on the neck and tail. The rest of the body bares sparse feathers on thick skin. Some panels also show a small spike on each jugal.

The comic series inaccurately depicts the animals with their forearms held in a pronated position, like a kangaroo, instead of the correct position with palms facing one another. No theropod in reality could hold it's hands in the matter depicted.

Turok Drake Miyazawa

Miyazawa's megalosaur-like Red Drake design from issue #4.

In the Comics Edit

The Red Drake is a prominent feature in the 2014 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comic series, appearing in all 4 currently published issues. The name Red Drake or Fire Drake is given to them by the crusaders.

In Issue 1, a Red Drake is notable as the first prehistoric animal witnessed by Turok and displayed in the series. A large pack of the animals kills Andar's tribe-mates Timo and Kobo. Turok then saves the young tribesman by luring the pack through a trap he had set, which drops large logs, outfitted with sharp wooden stakes, onto the carnosaurs. At the end of the issue, allosaurs are also seen in cages in the crusader's camp.

In Issue 2, the crusaders have allosaurs caged at their camp. Turok and Andar nurse a wounded Drake back to health. The pair then place the animal inside of a pit trap. This is utilized as a means in which to kill attacking crusaders, which Turok lures over the trap, dropping the medieval warriors into the pit where they are devoured by the now healthy carnosaur.

In Issue 3, Marion first refers to the creature as a Red Drake. She also comments that Turok's Drake is one of her favorite specimens, remarking that he has the "loveliest crest". She also reveals to have raised a tame one from an infant before. Turok's Drake saves the protagonist from a marauding Tyrannosaurus rex by attacking the larger dinosaur's belly from underneath. Turok then rides on his Drake back while leading the Tyrannosaurus back to the crusaders.

In Issue 4, Turok's Drake assists him in battle against the crusaders, both with Turok on its back and without. After the fight it is seen on the beach, having cornered a whimpering crusader.

Notes and referencesEdit

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