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Raptors Mech are Raptors with bio-mechanically enhanced parts attached to them, making them Bionosaurs. They appear in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and in Valiant's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comics which include Mon-Ark and his pack of Raptor assassins that were created by Mothergod by giving Velociraptors intelligence-boosting implants.


The Raptor Mech is an upgraded version of the Raptor, the main difference being that it has been mechanized and has a plasma cannon. The Raptor Mech is a bipedal creature with a gray coloration and a pair of yellow eyes. They have at their disposal sharp fangs, large claws, and a pair of curved claws on their second toes. They also have a large horn that is located on top of their maxilla.


Raptor Mechs are encountered throughout the last two levels of Dinosaur Hunter. Now equipped with high-tech plasma cannons, these Bionosaurs can attack the player from afar, charging rapidly while doing so. They can also use their jaws as melee weapons, and their jump attacks can cause great amounts of damage. The player should be careful as it is rare to find a lone Raptor Mech; there is usually another close by. To avoid taking damage the player should naturally dodge the incoming projectiles and, when in close combat, avoid its mouth. Being stronger than its standard counterpart, the best strategy is to use more powerful weaponry, such as the Pulse Rifle or Grenade Launcher.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Raptor Mech has become even more of a ferocious and deadly foe. Besides being faster and having quicker reaction times, these dinosaurs can attack multiple times in quick succession with a combination of bites and plasma blasts. At range, Raptor Mechs fire their plasma cannons, which launch energy-based projectiles that generate splash damage upon impact. When close to the player, they can also use a jump attack.

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