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Rocket Launcher

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Bunker Assault


The RPG, short for Rocket Propelled Grenade, is a weapon featured in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. As the name suggests, it is a rocket launcher and is designed for maximum carnage.


The weapon appears to have a tubular shape, much like a modern, shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. The barrel is long, streamlined, and features a beige coloration.

On the left side, facing the player, is a crosshair consisting of a small red "X" in a green circle mounted on a small, circular scope.


The RPG performs similarly to other explosive weapons seen in the Turok series. Its defining characteristics are, surprisingly, its range and accuracy. Its projectiles fly in a completely straight line towards where the user aims and explode on contact with any living creature or surface.

Unlike weapons like the Tek Bow or Grenade Launcher, these unique traits allow the player to fire accurate and controllable explosives. Its rate of fire is faster than one would expect from a rocket launcher, but it is still one of the slower weapons in the game, forcing players to plan their shots out.

This weapon is only available while playing as Danielle Fireseed in Turok 3.


  • The beta version of the RPG had a faster firing rate. This was changed for the final release.
  • The beta version also greatly differs from the final design, with the RPG merely being a direct upgrade to the Grenade Launcher instead of being its own weapon.

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