For the similar gameplay feature in 2008's Turok, see Silent Kills.
Quick time event


Gameplay Feature


Player must mash buttons to escape danger.


A Quick time event (also abbreviated to QTE) is a gameplay feature in Propaganda Games' 2008 title, Turok. They involve the player having to press specific buttons on their controller or keyboard to get out of a dinosaur's grasp.


This gameplay feature is one that is more randomized in comparison to other scripted events and as such, can usually come as a surprise to the player. Almost all carnivorous and hostile creatures have some sort of QTE affiliated with them, bar the Razor Wing, Dilophosaurus, and juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex. The Razor Wings' inability for this is due to their airborne nature; the Dilophosaurus' is due to their enhanced lethality, which grants them a one hit kill on Turok; and finally, the juvenile Tyrannosauruses simply lack an animation.

In short, it is an animation in which a button must be pressed to survive.


When a QTE is activated, the player will be attacked by a hostile dinosaur. It will result in the dinosaur either latching onto the player or tackling them to the ground. A button prompt will then pop up on the screen, and the player will be forced to mash the buttons in order to either instantly kill the dinosaur with a quick stab with the ORO P23 Combat Knife or throw them off, giving them the opportunity for another attack.

If failed, the dinosaur in question will obviously kill the player and force the player to restart from the last saved checkpoint.

Types of QTEsEdit

Below is an organized list of all animations present in-game:


  1. A Mini-Raptor clamps its jaws around the player's arm. Upon pressing the buttons required, the player will either whip his/her arm, causing the dinosaur to lose its grip, or repeatedly stab the Mini-Raptor in the head, killing it.
  2. The second will have the Mini-Raptor jump onto the player's chest, while the player sinks to their knee. Upon pressing the buttons needed, the player will grab the Mini-Raptor, flip it sideways, and slam it down on his/her knee, breaking its back and killing it instantly.


  1. The Utahraptor will tackle the player to the ground, and the player will hold its jaws open to avoid certain death. Upon the pressing of the required buttons, the player will force him/herself into a standing position, before kicking the Utahraptor in the head, pushing it back.
  2. The second can end in two ways, much like the Mini-Raptor's. Initially, the Utahraptor will tackle the player to the ground, much like the other; however, upon pressing all of the required buttons, the player will stab the Utahraptor repeatedly in the jaw, before either pushing it off or stabbing it right in the jugular and pulling it to the ground, killing it.


  1. The Lurker is much more fast paced in terms of animation. The Lurker will tackle the player to the ground, with the player barely keeping its jaws from clamping around his/her face. After pressing the required buttons, the player will kick the Lurker off before either scrambling to get up, letting it escape, or swiftly lunging forward and planting his/her knife right into its skull repeatedly.

Soldier BugEdit

  1. The Soldier Bug is very reminiscent of the Lurker. The Soldier Bug will tackle the player to the ground and thrust its pincers at the player's face, with the latter barely holding them back. After the required buttons are pressed, the player will either kick the arachnid off of themselves, or they will repeatedly stab the scorpion in the "jaws," killing it.

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