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Larger and stronger than their later counterparts, the War Clubs

"Massive gorilla-like aliens can easily pound you into dust. They are slow moving, but can send you flying off of a cliff with a well-placed backhand. Some are armed with large blasters that fire devastating fireballs."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

The Pur-Lin, also known as Per-Lin, are ancient creatures that have lived in the Lost Land for generations. While not the brightest of beings, they make up for their lack of intelligence with brute force.


Pur-Lin are creatures with the appearance of a gorilla. Their height varies, and their mass is bulky, requiring them to move with a "knuckle-walking" movement. They posses lizard-like eyes and three fingers on each hand. Their backs are covered with scales. They also have two skin coloration variants: green with yellow undertones and dark green with brown.


When confronting a Pur-Lin the player must be careful with its physical attack as it can both cause great damage and, if near a cliff, send the player to their doom. Also, the player must be cautious as some Per-Lin can cause a damaging shockwave that must be jumped over to be avoided. The best way to kill a Pur-Lin is by using the Tek Bow with Tek arrows.

The other type of Pur-Lin is way stronger than its cousins, though they always seem to be stationary. This particular Per-Lin uses an arm-mounted blaster that shoots fireballs. This attack causes great amounts of damage, so the player must make sure to avoid incoming fire. To eliminate this threat, the Minigun or Grenade Launcher is best.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, these beasts are stronger than ever. The Pur-Lin move at a faster pace, and their physical attacks were given the same treatment. The standard variant Pur-Lin has the ability to spam its quake attack, but the player can easily jump over it. However, the attack is so fast that when the player evades the first a second wave is already on its way.

The second Pur-Lin are mostly stationary, but occasionally they can be found roaming around with their smaller brothers. This particular enemy does not use the quake attack but rather an arm cannon that fires fireballs; due to their enhanced speed, the player can expect a rain of fire coming straight at them. It is recommended that the player uses the same tactics listed above, but the use of the Pulse Rifle and Auto Shotgun with explosive shells is also a valid strategy.


  • The Pur-Lin were designed by, and subsequently named for, Valiant Art Director Don Perlin.[2]

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