Propaganda Games






Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

Key People:

  • Josh Holmes
  • Howard Donaldson
  • Daryl Anselmo
  • Jorge Freitas
  • Dan Ayoub

Parent Company:

Disney Interactive (The Walt Disney Company)

Final Project:

Tron: Evolution


Propaganda Games was a video game studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2005 by former EA Canada employees Josh Holmes, Howard Donaldson, Jorge Freitas, and Daryl Anslemo, Propaganda was owned by Disney Interactive.

Around 2005, Propaganda acquired the Turok license and began development on a reboot of the franchise, Turok.

After the completion of Turok, Propaganda began working on Turok 2. Sometime after its release, Josh Holmes, the director of Turok and co-founder, left Propaganda due to conflicting views with Disney. Holmes, alongside fellow workmate Dan Ayoub, would soon join 343 Industries and work on the Halo franchise.

After several dozen layoffs, Turok 2 was cancelled while Propaganda began to work on Tron: Evolution. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was also cancelled, and Disney closed down the studio in 2011.


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