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Primal Vision was a player ability that was cut from Turok. Primal Vision would have acted as a type of "X-Ray" vision, highlighting enemies.


This would not have been a physical item to be held but rather an ability that changes the player's perception of reality. It would have rendered the player's sight as a matte grey color with enemies appearing as a bright fluorescent yellow. A ripple effect would also occur when activated.


It is assumed that when Primal Vision was activated, a "ripple effect" would envelope the screen and any enemy within range would be lit up in a fluorescent manner. If there were multiple targets, Primal Vision would light them all up in a yellow glow. Said enemies would be "lightsources," and as such, any object they were near would in turn be lit up if the entire area was desaturated.

During one point of testing, there was an unknown streak of blue present on plant life. It is possible that Primal Vision could have highlighted creatures such as the Impaler in a blue hue if they were nearby.

There were multiple "trailing" concepts for when a creature or human captured in Primal Vision moved. Originally, there were going to be a trail of footprints visible from where the enemy stepped. Shortly afterwards, Propaganda Games changed it to a hazy yellow trail.

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