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"The Primagen Trooper is a humanoid monstrosity. A patchwork of metal and flesh, it is impossible to tell what type of creature they may have once been."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

The Trooper is an enemy featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. They are a part of the Primagen's Army, a bizarre combination of biological and mechanical technology created to do their master's bidding.


The Trooper is a humanoid monstrosity. A patchwork of metal and flesh with plasma pistols for hands, it is impossible to tell what type of creature these bio-mechanical beings may have once been.

They display a bit of skin, but when looking closer one can see that they have a little bit of muscle but underneath appear to be all machinery. On their backs, they have two exhaust tubes which regulate the heat from their energy core, which is used to power both themselves and their weapons. They have light brown skin while their robotic implants are a blue-gray metal.


The Primagen Troopers are the grunts of the Primagen's army and are the most common enemies of the Primagen's Lightship. Given the tight and claustrophobic nature of the Lightship, encounters with these and other Bio-Bots are always dangerous, as there is nowhere to run and they will almost always have the upper hand. They can, however, be heard from quite a distance when patrolling, making it easier to prepare and take them out before they can do serious damage. What they lack in speed they make up for in firepower. When stationary, they can inflict a great amount of damage by firing from strategic locations.

To fight Troopers effectively, the player can use a variety of tactics given the situation. When confronting a stationary Trooper, the player can snipe them with either the Plasma Rifle or Tek Bow. The Cerebral Bore also works as a last resort. When multiple enemies are present, and the player is confronting them in the open, circle strafing works efficiently when using the Firestorm Cannon. When the player finds themselves in a corridor, the best combo is to use the Charge Dart Rifle to stun them, followed up with either the Plasma Rifle or the Mag 60. Another effective tactic is to use Shredder if multiple enemies are around. The player can easily side-step their melee attacks.

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