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Primagen's Lightship
T2 Level VI - Primagen's Lightshit


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


Joshua Fireseed


Primagen's Lightship



Primagen's Lightship is a large spacecraft that is used by the main antagonist of Turok 2: Seeds of EvilPrimagen, and is also the setting of the sixth and final level of the game. After the big bang occurred, its energy sent the Lightship hurtling into the Netherscape, sealing away Primagen and his Lightship in a prison of his own making.

After eons of slumber, Primagen was awakened by a massive earthquake that rocked the entirety of the Lost Land, the result of the Chronoscepter's destruction.

With no way out of the Netherscape, and with his Lightship severely drained of energy, Primagen sought the help of those Lost Land inhabitants who had both an evil heart and wicked mind to do his bidding and destroy the Energy Totems erected by the Council of Voices, which kept Primagen's Lightship powered down and stabilized.


The Council of Voices decided to use the enormous supply of energy from the Lightship's power cores to supply energy to all of Galyanna. They built several Obelisks, each in a different region of the Lost Land. It was this power that keeps Galyanna up and running despite constant turmoil. These Obelisks emitted a mysterious energy signature which gave anything within reach magical properties, cleansing the polluted waters of the Araissian River, fertilizing hundreds of acres of otherwise sterile land and even granting medicinal properties to bodies of water all around the Araissian River.

Joshua Fireseed was forced to enter the Lightship and stop Primagen in his tracks. He completed this task, using the Light Burden to return Primagen to his own time. The Obelisks were rebuilt and replaced back in their original spots which in turn re-supplied Galyanna with the energy it required.


"The Primagen's Lightship. Little is known about this mysterious and ancient vessel. The Lightship is believed to be maintained by a horde of lethal biomechanical droids programmed to do their master’s bidding. The vessel itself is massive and is undoubtedly well defended.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Destroy three automated assembly plants. The Primagen's Lightship is completely self-sufficient and can supply itself with an army of Bio-Bots manufactured deep within the superstructure. In the event that the Primagen is defeated, the Bio-Bots have been programmed to exit the Lightship and eradicate intelligent life from the face of the Lost Land as one last, twisted act of revenge by the Primagen. You must destroy all of the assembly plants within the Lightship.

Purify the River of Souls. The waste created by the Lightship’s power cells is responsible for the toxins that poison the River of Souls. By reversing their polarity, the toxins will be eradicated and the River of Souls will flow pure for the first time. Tens of thousands would benefit from its clean, cool waters."