Primagen's Army
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The formidable mainstay of the Primagen's defense system, the Bio-Bots are a grotesque amalgamation of living tissue and state-of-the-art electronics.

As a last twisted act of revenge by the Primagen, these living machines have a built-in programming which will activate a "berserker" program upon the Primagen's death, sending them on a bloody rampage with orders to destroy any life that they find.

The bizarre blending of organic and mechanical parts make the Primagen's army a very dangerous threat.

Primagen's ArmyEdit

  • Trooper: The most common of the Primagen's defence bots, their hands have been replaced with plasma pistols for better combat capability.
  • Bio-Bot: A bizarre machine/organic hybrid, these bots have a single wheel that propels them around the Lightship and feature telescopic vision, capable of striking their targets with remarkable accuracy.
  • Elite Guard: Larger, stronger versions of the Trooper, these bots have railguns instead of plasma pistols as well as cloaking devices and ion cannons mounted on their backs.
  • Primagen: A creature from an ancient universe that predates our own, this being is responsible for both the creation of the Lost Land and Oblivion's near death experience.

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  • Turok: Seeds of Evil junior novel