The Lost Land

2015-05-12 00042




Joseph Turok


23rd Century


Whiskey Company's ship


Wake up out of cryo, and walk through the ship.

"Our target is Roland Kane, leader of the legendary Wolf Pack."
—Cole, to the rest of Whiskey Company

Prelude is the first level in Propaganda Games' 2008 title, Turok. It is mainly an introduction to the game, and features little gameplay, while instead being more reliant on cutscenes to tell its story.

The game begins with Joseph Turok, alongside the rest of Whiskey Company, awakening from cryo-sleep as their ship is getting ready to land on a terraformed planet.

This level is followed by "The Lost Land".



Objective: Go to the Armory

Shortly after the cutscene finishes, Jericho leads the player to the armory, while teaching players about the ladder climbing mechanic. As the player moves on the straightforward path to the armory, the level ends on another cutscene.


Campaign Levels of Turok
Act I PreludeThe Lost LandBad BloodDeath ValleyReunions
Act II Ghost in the ShadowMother SuperiorKilling FieldsThe Shortest StrawDown and Out
Act III Heroes EndSalt in the WoundEnd of the RoadInto the BreachAn Eye for an Eye

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