The Lost Land

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Joseph Turok


23rd Century


Whiskey Company's ship


Wake up out of cryo, and walk through the ship.

"Our target is Roland Kane, leader of the legendary Wolf Pack."
—Cole, to the rest of Whiskey Company

Prelude is the first level in Turok. It is mainly an introduction to the game. Joseph Turok, along with the rest of Whiskey Company, awaken from cryo-sleep as their ship is getting ready to land on a terraformed planet.


The game starts out with a cutscene which shows Joseph Turok working with Wolf Pack in an unknown compound. It shows the Wolf Pack members taking down multiple targets. The view the goes to Turok who finishes taking down multiple soldiers before turning around and shooting. Suddenly he is woken by an unknown event.

Turok then wakes up and exits his cryo-pod before walking towards the war room. Here, he meets Slade and some other members of Whiskey before they are interrupted by Cole. He states that they need to take down "Roland Kane," the leader of Wolf Pack. Cole mentions Turok's affiliation with Wolf Pack, and Slade interjects with a snarky "He can't be trusted" before shoving his way through Turok out of the room.

Objective: Go to the Armory

Shortly after the cutscene finishes, Jericho leads Turok to the armory, while the game teaches players about the ladder climbing mechanic. Turok follows Jericho to the armory, and the former interacts with Logan, who hands him an SMG and inquires on his past experience with it. Suddenly, the ship is rocked by a massive explosion, caused by a S.A.M. firing upon it. Turok escapes multiple deadly situations and suddenly falls backwards, which knocks him out cold.

Another cutscene plays which shows Turok in handcuffs while Kane is speaking to them. Kane tells them that he sees great soldiers in them to which Turok makes a snide remark. Kane then goes over to Turok and questions his origins. Kane guesses Turok as being Cherokee or Kiowa to which he responds with "You're a genius." Kane finalizes his Kiowa guess before Turok gets in his face saying "You're lucky I'm in these cuffs, old man". The security guard standing behind Kane rushes forward and raises his ORO Enforcer Shotgun, intending to incapacitate Joseph. However, Turok dodges his strike and headbutts the guard who falls down, knocked out. Kane then looks on in interest before the cutscene ends, starting "The Lost Land."

Campaign Levels of Turok
Act I PreludeThe Lost LandBad BloodDeath ValleyReunions
Act II Ghost in the ShadowMother SuperiorKilling FieldsThe Shortest StrawDown and Out
Act III Heroes EndSalt in the WoundEnd of the RoadInto the BreachAn Eye for an Eye

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