Police Walker
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Vehicle type:

Bipedal combat and patrol walker




The Police Walkers featured in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion are walking mechanized vehicles controlled by the SWAT teams.

Their purpose is to defend against or prevent beings from entering restricted areas. 


These walkers are much more different, appearance-wise, than most enemies in the Turok franchise.

They have long legs with gold and blue coloration. They also feature a bulbous head, which is covered in blue glass, with small gold circles on the faceplate, presumably the vehicle's headlights.


These walkers act as barriers, preventing the player from getting out of the map. Players should avoid all SWAT forces at any cost as they can kill in a single shot.

The Police Walker was originally intended to be playable, though this feature had to be cut from the final game.[1]

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