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Poachers are one of the more common enemies found throughout Turok: Dinosaur Hunter alongside the Campaigner Soldiers.


Poachers have the stature and body mass of an average man, and they are well-built in terms of musculature. Some seem to be missing their pupils, leaving their eyes a stark white. Poachers might be weak but they are able to jump from great heights to solid ground without receiving any type of damage.

Poachers make use of lightweight gear due to the jungle's tropical climate. Their attire is composed of a loose uniform consisting of green tank tops, black caps, brown pants, and boots that let them move effortlessly across rough terrain. Their arms are adorned with metal gauntlets to help repel attacks. Some Poachers have applied paint to their faces so as to stay camouflaged in jungle environments.


Poachers have extremely low heath, enough to be killed by a single Shotgun blast or Knife slash, but they are able to withstand more damage on higher difficulties. They are equipped with standard weapons such as assault rifles, pistols, and knives, though some of them also use grenades.

One or two Poachers will hardly be a threat to the player, but a large group of them can inflict some damage, especially if they all fire simultaneously. If the player does encounter a large group, a good strategy would be to use the Shotgun to take them out from a distance. Their weapons are ineffective at medium to long range, but during close encounters they can use a number of melee attacks.

When fighting a melee oriented Poacher, the player can easily avoid their attacks by circle-strafing and finish them off with a single Knife slash on the back. When going up against grenadiers, the player can avoid the incoming grenades by side-stepping and killing them with the Knife or by keeping their distance and killing them with the Pistol. Lastly, when going up against gun wielders the player can avoid incoming fire by using the level geometry for cover. If attacked by only a single enemy the player can just use the Pistol or Shotgun; in a case of multiple hostiles, the Assault Rifle and Auto Shotgun can be used alongside cover for minimal damage. These tactics can be applied to Campaigner Soldiers also.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Poachers are still a weak enemy, but they have been granted greater speed, reaction time, and endurance. To best eliminate this threat use the Tek Bow and the Knife against the melee attackers. For the gun wielders, the Tek Bow with normal arrows are good for eliminating stationary enemies from afar, and Tek arrows are good for eliminating multiple enemies at once; the player must make sure to land an explosive arrow in the middle of the group of enemies. The Auto Shotgun is a reliable weapon when multiple Poachers are in a close area. The Shotgun is useful in medium and close quarters situations but is most useful against stationary targets.

Like with the other human enemies of Dinosaur Hunter, killing a Poacher with the Knife or regular arrows can result in a Mortal Wound appearing.


  • The Poachers' name heavily implies that the Campaigner uses them to acquire those creatures of the Lost Land that make up his enslaved army of Bionosaurs and other beings.

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