Plasma Cannon
Production overview

Weapon Type:


Ammunition type:

Plasma Batteries

Ammo Capacity:



Short-Long Range

Secondary Function:

Seeker and Chain Lens

Service history



First Located:

Ruined City


The Plasma Cannon is a weapon exclusive to Turok: Evolution. It is a futuristic plasma weapon, capable of cutting through most enemies with ease.


The Plasma Cannon is a shiny silver and blue rifle that has a hollow barrel. It has three slots for where each lens inserts into the rifle on the left side of the gun.

Plasma is seen constantly pulsing up and down the weapon's hollow barrel, creating a semi-liquid effect within the weapon.


In gameplay the Plasma Cannon is first located in a hidden area of the Chapter 6 level "Ruined City." It is a very effective weapon and can kill even the toughest of Slegs in record time. Ammo can be found in abundance during Chapter 8.

Its primary firing mode can cut through most Sleg soldiers with ease. This is amplified with the Seeker Lens activated, allowing the player to quickly score multiple kills. The Chain Lens is best used in close-quarters areas, like the Suspended City's hallways and buildings, as the Plasma will bounce back and forth multiple times in cramped areas.

Lens TypesEdit

There are two upgrades to the Plasma Cannon in the form of lenses. These are:

  • Seeker Lens: This lens changes the reticule and allows the plasma shots to lock on to enemies' heads easily, allowing for headshots. Each plasma shot consumes two plasma units from the player's ammo counter.
  • Chain Lens: This lens allows the Plasma Cannon to fire a staticy plasma charge that bounces in between enemies, usually causing a quick death to any medium-sized Sleg. It also momentarily stuns Sleg soldiers, allowing the player to quickly attack with other weapons like the Shotgun.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon (Plasma Cannon): Restocks 20 plasma units.
  • Lens (any): Does NOT restock any ammo.
  • Plasma Battery: Restocks 25 plasma units.


  • Turok: Evolution's files refer to the Plasma Cannon as the Tek Weapon, though it bears little to no resemblance to the Sleg laser rifle which is also referred to as the Tek Weapon.
  • The ORO L66 Pulse Rifle from Turok bears a resemblance to this gun.

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