Gameplay Feature


Player will "pin" an enemy to a wall or object.


Pinning is a term which refers to the act of pinning or nailing an enemy to a wall or object with an arrow from the ORO C9 Perforator Bow. It is only present in the single-player campaign of Propaganda Games' 2008 title, Turok.


This is a very simple mechanic. When it occurs, an arrow launched from the C9 will impact an enemy and impale him before embedding into a nearby surface, nailing the aforementioned enemy to the wall, killing them instantly.


In gameplay, this is a random event, one that is more aesthetic than game changing. It requires the player to simply launch an arrow at an enemy; however, the arrow must be drawn back fully to work, and the enemy must be near a wall, or physical object, such as a tree or crate.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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