Zoo Animals (2)




Average height:

Less than a foot high


Bright, colorful feathers and small appearance

Average lifespan:

80 years


The Parrot is a harmless bird found in Turok: Evolution. It is seen earlier on in the jungle portions of the game and in the "Zoo."


The Parrot takes the appearance of its real-life counterpart. It is avian in appearance, with bright red, blue, and yellow feathers.

The bird itself is small and barely noticeable in the deep jungles of the Lost Land, usually only being spotted by those who actively look for them.


In gameplay, these birds are completely harmless. They simply sit on their perches or they fly around when startled. They make their first appearance in "Jungle Hunter," where they are seen only a few feet outside of the cave on some branches near the first few Utahraptors.

They make limited appearances after this level, only appearing in "Mountain Ascent," where they are seen floating around the summit as the player climbs it. After this, the only way to see them is to enter the Zoo cheat and then find them in their own enclosure.

When the player attacks them, they will not attack, but will die instantly before slowly fading away into the level. They lack a noticeable death animation, leading many players to believe that they still live before they finally fade into the level.

List of appearancesEdit

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